Hey Baby Baby Baby!

Wow, it's been a minute since I've been here. 
and I promise I haven't forgotten or deserted this blog. I've just been busy growing a baby and starting a rapidly growing business. I've missed my little piece of the interwebs and I promise I'll be back with a full update soon, but for now I leave you with the halfway point with Bebe #4! 

 Excuse the crazy hair... I didn't do anything to it that day. LOL 


Proud to be a BRAT

  So, The Artist told me this 
yesterday and I asked if it was okay to share it here. She said yes... 

(The nickname for military children is brats for my non-military readers)

She said, "I'm proud to be a BRAT." I smiled and asked her why and what being a brat meant. 

She broke it down like this. 

(T)he coolest kids around. 

Of course, I couldn't agree with her more. 

She told me that military brats are
all these things and so much more, 
and that she was extremely honored 
to be one.

I just smiled. 

I love that girl.


Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope your day is filled with 
love, light, laughter, and romance
and if you have any special plans
share them with me, 
since ours have been postponed
due to snomageddon.

No but really, my valentine's gift arrived 
only a couple of hours before the storm hit.

My valentine's gift was
my husband coming home! 

Mr. Sergeant made the last flight into 
Maryland, right before they all got cancelled
and we were able to spend our first big snowstorm together. 
That to me is worth more than all the roses in the world. 

It's still a bit frozen here, 
so we've decided to make it a 
laid-back family night. 
 We'll be making 
Italian food 
and watching 
Lady & The Tramp 
with the Sergeant Kids. 

Too bad I can't have wine!

From our hearts to yours, 
 Happy Valentine's Day!  


Air Force. Wife. Life. Gets A Makeover!

I'm really digging the 
new style of the blog. 
What do you think of it? 

is a joy to work with 
she has the patience of Job y'all, 
because I had questions...
Lots and lots of questions
that she was a darling for answering. 

If ever you're looking for 
a laid-back, sweet, kind, 
Fran is your girl
and don't forget to tell her 
that I sent you. ;-) 


Sergeant Family Fun: Steam Train Ride

Whoa! Why hasn't anyone told me that I'd not written here in so long? 
Y'all gots to be reminding me. 
No but really,
life and other things 
have made time a precious commodity these days
and there just is not enough of it. 
Can we add just a couple of more hours to the day? 
Okay, I'll make due with what I've got. 

So I thought I had already wrote about this, 
and was surprised to see that I didn't, 
so I'll share it now. 

Last month,
the weekend before Christmas, 
Mr. Sergeant and I decided to 
surprise the 
Sergeant Kids 
with a trip to 
Cumberland, MD 
to ride on a real steam train.
I knew that the kids would love it, 
but what I
didn't realize was how much of a joy 
 that the trip would be
for all of us, Baby Ro included.

The drive to Cumberland from where we are 
is only a couple of hours, 
and it was so fun
to just get in the car and drive. 
Not something that one could do very easily
when stuck on a desert island for years. ;-)
We realized how much we missed it 
and have planned a few more road trips 
for 2014, but those are whole other posts.
Now, back to the original post. 

The kids had no idea where we were going, 
we just told them that 
we were going to go on a drive through 
the mountains, 
(which we did)
grab some lunch 
and head back home. 

What they were not expecting was 
the trip include
a Polar Express Steam Train ride,
running into Santa,
a stop in the cool little town of 
Frostburg, visiting a historical hotel 
and museum, and me going to jail.
The pictures will explain the last one. Haha! 

Imagine their reaction when we 
pulled up to the train station?! 
 It was EPIC!
It really was cool to surprise the kids
and make their Christmas just a little bit more m
magical... So now... on to the important part... 
Because of course this post would be worthless without them. 

So all in all the trip was a success, 
and we can't wait to do it again 
next year 
with all 4 of the Sergeant Kids!