So, you took the day off?

Today was supposed to be The Athlete's swimming lesson.
Instead, the teacher forgot to tell us she was taking today off.
Oh well. 

Mr. Sergeant, The Ath, and I had fun anyway.
Hooray for lazy pool days. 

How handsome is he?
And only 3... I'm in some trouble. 


Memorial Day

‎"Their lives remind us that freedom is not bought cheaply. It has a cost; it imposes a burden. And just as they whom we commemorate were willing to sacrifice, so too must we -- in a less final, less heroic way -- be willing to give of ourselves." ~ Ronald Reagan, Memorial Day 1982

Let us not forget that freedom is not free.
Remember those who have given their lives and the ones still fight
so that we may have the lives we lead.
Memorial Day is not just another day off.
It's a day to remember. 
Never forget.

Thank you to all who serve and who have served 
our country. 

Daily Nugget from The Athlete

T.A. ~ Mama, can I have marshmallows? 

Me~ No. It's 8 am. Too early for marshmallows. (Yes I'm the mean mom)

T.A. ~ Mama, you sick?

Me~ Yes, mommy has a cold. 

T.A. Mama, marshmallows will make you feel better. Let's have marshmallows momma.
(Big Grin)

I just shake my head and laugh... Where does he come up with this stuff... 
and no... he still didn't get marshmallows. He's sulking on the couch right now shooting me the stank eye. 

Under the weather...

It's what I am...
So, sorry I've been a bad blogger,
but as I type this I am surrounded by 
34431615946 kleenex 
cold medicine
and my blankets
my comfy green socks. 
I'm on my couch
trying to muster up the strength to 
make it back downstairs to my bedroom. 
It's a long walk y'all.

So, hopefully soon I'll have 
some stuff worth reading up here.

A very sick....


Staycation Swap Swag

I participated in a Staycation Swap with my Girl 

Here is the swag she sent me! 

How fun is all this?!
The girl hooked it up! 
I can only hope she likes the box I sent
as much as I liked hers!


Wordless Wednesday ~ Month of the Military Child

I know that 
last month 
was the month of 
"Military Child"

We attended a festival on base 
and this 
picture was taken.

Just got it back yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.

Mr. Sergeant and His Babies

It's so rare to get a picture with all three of them full on cheesing like this!
The loves of my life.
I absolutely pink puffy heart this picture!


Tuesday's Tunes ~ India Arie

This week our
 Tuesday's Tunes
are from
Ms. India Arie.

I can remember the first time I heard her music.
I had to know who this was
whose lyrics captured what I was feeling
as almost we were thinking the same thing
at the very same time.
I fell in love with Ms. Arie
from the first note.

I hope you take the time to listen to her word and her music 
as I do or at least can appreciate some good music 
when you hear it.


courtesy of IndiaArieVEVO via youtube.com

I Am Ready For Love
courtesy of IndiaArieVEVO via youtube.com

The Truth
courtesy of IndiaArieVEVO via youtube.com

Heart of the Matter
courtesy of canadianmaiden via youtube.com

courtesy of lies01 via youtube.com

Purify Me
courtesy of elibrown810 via youtube.com


Total Bummer

I had an awesome post that I wanted to share, but my laptop cord died on me. :-( anyone want to send me a new one? I promise the post will be with it! LOL


Guess Who

Had a "Good" day today?

This girl did!

Thank you Jesus
for good company
great amazing food
the ability to laugh.

We're moving forward.
One step at a time.
Who's going to beat this funk. 
I am.

I am indeed.


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I just want to go home.

I keep saying this to myself.

Although I have been trying to be happier.

I know this is a process
I will not feel like screaming from 
the rooftops
how much I love this place
or today 
for that matter.

The days go by and
I feel like they are wasted.
Deep down inside I know they aren't.
I spend quality time with my son.
I clean, I cook, I read.
I don't do anything outside 
it's too hot. 

I feel empty.
Like my body is here.
I'm going through the motions.
But my soul is gone.
I have no feeling.

It's at night when all is quiet
that I feel everything.
The loneliness, the longing,
of what I'm longing for 
I can't be too sure. 
I think it's me.
I miss me.

I get upset.

Mr. Sergeant and I are suffering.
I love him.
I do.

He wants to help.
He doesn't know how.
I don't ask him to help.
I ask him to leave me alone.
I push him away.
The very last thing that 
I should be doing.
And here I am doing it.
I am.

During the day it's the Athlete and I
We tend to have fun just us.
But I feel like he's missing out.
He doesn't have friends.
The only interaction he has 
during his swim lessons on Tuesdays.
This past Tuesday he screamed not to leave.
We stayed an extra hour past the class and 
he still screamed not to go.
He screamed he wanted to go back to FL.
That hurt. Really bad.
I want to go back to FL too.
We can't.
This is our life now.
Here in this place.

I'm not helping him adjust because I'm not adjusting.

I feel like I'm screwing everything up.

I feel like I'm failing as a mom
that brings me a pain that I can't even begin to describe.

He is here with me all day.
Him and I.
I and Him.

He has no friends.
Neither do I.
What do we do?

What do I do?

I've tried making friends with 
those spouses that have kids here.
My son and I
we're enlisted
We're not good enough.

I honestly don't care about them not liking me.
But to reject my son. 
My sweet boy.
With the kindest, biggest heart.
Who loves everyone
just wants to be friends.
To play.
That's not right.
It makes me angry.

This has me very upset.
I'm crying now.

I don't understand what's happening.
What this is I'm going through.
I've never gone through this before...

I'm tough.
I've been through so many things.
Bad things.

And now here I am...
This... being here is breaking me...
The question is am I going to let it?
Am I strong enough to break-free of this breakage?
I'd like to think so... 

I just don't know how.
I don't know what to do...

I'm so sorry about posting this... 
I went back and forth about it...
I want to write happy posts...
I do...
More than anything I want to write a happy post right now.
About anything.

I can't
for that I'm sorry.

Please stick with me... 
I'm sure there is some happy in there somewhere...
 I've got to find it... and fast.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Grocery Shopping Fail

Mr. Sergeant and I
decided to 
venture to the NEX
grocery shop.

We learned 
not to 
ever do that again.

We spent almost $130
on four bags of groceries
and I still have to get stuff 
from other grocery stores. 

Next time you buy ground beef 
be thankful it's not this per pound.
That says $7.79 for a pound of 
ground beef

Heaven forbid you need cherries...  :-/
$9 a pound?

I think I'll be sticking to 
shopping at the 
grocery stores 
in the local economy. 

Unless of course, 
there are no cherries or beef. 


Tuesday's Tune ~ David Gray

Love His Songs,
His Lyrics
His Style

Enjoy. :-)

This Years Love(my favorite)
courtesy of MizzTonia via youtube.com

courtesy of TheRainbowTrain via youtube.com

Sail Away
courtesy of aoifedaly56 via youtube.com

Please Forgive Me
courtesy of murishmedias via youtube.com

Be Mine
(Mr. Sergeant's and mine's song)
courtesy of zlrebel75 via youtube.com

PS. Don't forget to link up. :-)


Military Monday ~ The Dream-Sheet

Hi There!
It's Monday again, 
I thought I'd do a post about 
well.... Military.

I don't know if this is 
all about military.
I've been thinking about something lately.

Where are we going next?

I know there is never a sure fire way to 
pick where you end up.
It'd be nice, but that would be too much like right.
You just go where they send you.
Which is fine somewhat. lol

I'm getting used to this place slowly.
I may or may not be x'ing 
the days off on a calender...
but that's neither
here nor there.

Today, Mr. Sergeant and I
updated his dream-sheet.
For my Non-Military 
a dream-sheet is what it sounds like.
A wish list of places to go.

I'm nervous about it.

Of course we picked Florida. 
(practically every base in FL) LOL
That's where we're the most happiest at in this world.

However, we picked a few other places
that are unknown to us both.
We've never visited,
no family or friends... 
It'd be like here.
Just us, 
the kids,
our military life.

That's when I got scared. 
The unknown again?
I don't know if I can handle 
another unknown.
See previous posts... 

So for now, 
my fingers are crossed for Florida again.
But if one of the others are picked, 
I have y'all to help me get ready right?

I'm curious...
What do you think of the dream-sheet idea?
Where would you want to live?

Happy Monday and don't forget to stop over and do this!
It's a great blog hop, for military bloggers and those of you who love us. ;-) 



Conversations with a three year old

This is a conversation between The Athlete and I
before nap-time today.

Me: Alright Beau; it's about that time

T.Athlete: What time is it Mum Mum (in his sweetest baby voice)

Me: It's nap-time Babe

T.Athlete: I can't take a nap today

Me: Why not?

T.Ath: Daddy said I not have too.

Me: He did, well let's call him.

T.Athlete: No Mum Mum. No call him. Daddy busy at werk righ now.

Me: How do you know?

T.Athlete: He told me. He is BUSY. NO CALL DADDY MUM MUM! Pweety Peas Mum Mum!

Me: Okay, I won't call Daddy, but you have to lay down now.

T.Athlete: Mum Mum, I can't take a nap now. I have to party.
(This convo has gotten intriguing)

Me: ?! Excuse me?

T.Athlete: I have to party Mum, like a rockster (Rock-star)
I'm a rockstar MumMum.

Me: Oh really. Who said that?

T.Athlete: Sissy, and Sissy said rocksters don't take naps they party.

Me: Boy, have a good nap. 
I'm off to call daddy and tell him we have rocksters 
and negotiating toddlers living in our home. I'm sure he'll be impressed.

So that's it ladies and gents. It's official. My son is a rockster. 
Life should only get more interesting from here. LOL 


In a state such as this....

I really want to blog,
Really I do.
I want to write about the
mundane things of 
my life here in Bahrain.
I want to write about
meanings of life 
that I am 

But alas,
there are none such things 
going on.

As of late I have 
and I mean
hated being here
of my being. 

There is nothing profound about that.

Each day I cry. I stress. I get angry.
I'm here, 
my friends 
my family
in Florida 
having a jolly ole time

I wasn't going to write this.
I don't like writing
being negative.

I'm typically a happy person.

I find any reason to make laugh.
I love to have a good time
doing whatever.

I usually can take life as it comes.

This place
where I am 
is foreign.

I'm in a foreign country
with foreign people,
who also think
I'm foreign.

I've never felt more lost
more confused
have questioned 
in my 
than now.

I'm questioning myself.
Am I strong enough for this?
Is this where I am supposed to be?
Do I have what it takes to continue to be Mrs. Sergeant?
What the fuck was I thinking moving to Bahrain?

Sorry about the last one, 
but it's a question 
I have asked  myself
 every. single. day.

I feel like a clown. 
I smile to get through the day.
Not to let my children see me upset.
Desperate for something.
A friend.

Oh and before you ask
"Why aren't I making friends with other wives"?
I'll tell you.

Here in Bahrain the lines between 
Officer Wife and Enlisted Wife
are very clearly drawn and you do not
cross them. 
They don't let you.
I've tried.


Where does that leave me?


Writing this. 
In tears 
I am 
So VERY homesick.

I'm praying this passes.
I'm praying that I have what it takes 
To learn to love where I am 
whatever moment I'm in.
at least 
be content.

I am going to try and write here more.
This blog and twitter
have been my lifelines.

Really more than anyone could even begin to realize.

To you guys, 
Thank you for being a sounding board.
Thanks for listening to ridiculous rants 
such as this.

I feel better to have gotten that out.
I will get better.



Happy Mother's Day!

To All The Mom's out there!!!
Have fun celebrating all that you do!
You deserve it. 

A newborn Athlete

My Athlete trying to walk

My Artist

 A newborn Artist

My Athlete 


 My Mommy and I


Have you ever?

Just had so much to say 
decided to 
keep quiet.

I feel like that today. :-/ 

On a good note, 
I was nominated to be one 
of the 
Top 25 Military Family Blogs
that does require a little help from 
my awesome readers!
Y'all gonna help me right?

Just click on the cute circle below 
and go 
vote for me!

You can vote once a day 
until May 25th.

So, how awesome would that be to 
actually make the Top 25?
That would be EPIC. 

Okay. I'm out of rambles. 


Wordless Wednesday ~ National Pet Week

I had no idea it was National Pet Week 
until I stumbled across it on a Running from the Law 
Sara is donating a dollar to 
Humane Society 
for every comment she gets.
Last year she had 41,
this year she wants to beat that total.
Let's help her!
Go visit!

And of course I couldn't leave this post 
without a picture of my 
***excuse how I'm looking*** seriously.

Happy National Pet Week!


What we did this weekend... Middle East Edition

It's already May?!
Where has 2011 gone?
It seems like just yesterday 
I was celebrating New Years
Now it's May?!

There are a many cool things happening this month.
Military Spouse Appreciation
Mother's Day
Cinco De Mayo
other stuff... 

What are you doing to celebrate 
the holidays that come
with May Flowers?

Over here in this country
Today was Labour Day
I had no idea 
I tried to take 
The Artist 
to school.
Yeah... notsomuch.
There was no school.
I looked like an 
an uninformed 

That shan't be happening again.

This weekend we

Bought me a car that is automatic. ;-P

Hung out by the pool

 Destroyed the box YiaYia sent us

 Found a cupcake shop walking distance from our house!
(I'm too happy about this.)lol

 Went shopping for fruits and veggies at the Souq

 Dil, our housekeeper/nanny showed the kids how to pick 
the best fruit and vegetables. Her aunt Demmi went with us
to show us which vendors were good and which ones weren't so good.
It was a great time and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

During our next visit to the souq 
we'll venture into the meat/fish area.
Then after that the fabric souq
(I'm looking forward to this the most!)
Then the gold souq. 
Stay tuned!

 What did you do this weekend?